A Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Advanced Section – PowerPoint Presentations – Winter Webinar 2013 – Didactic


There was a break between the first and second webinar so that the North American’s could celebrate eating Turkeys – although I am sure the rest of the world did not stop while they did this.? But it gave me time to continue to work-up the second presentation.? Back to systemic clouds again, but treating it as a coat-hanger to hang some work off of Peter Block and several others.

The webinar is available at TOCICO by following this link;

Winter Webinars 2013 Two Types of Cloud – Didactic Arguments & Local/Global Clouds

The webinar powerpoint is also available at TOCICO.

The link below is to my original powerpoint.? It is in .ppsx format, that is it is a slideshow.? It should download and run in presentation mode for you.? If experience shows that it opens in editing mode, and your system offers the prompt “open, save, save as” then select save and then open and it will run for you.

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The systemic cloud is in many ways simpler to construct than the local/local cloud and the place to start in any change management effort.? But it also allows us to take a god look at things like self-interest and common-interest, at patriarchy and at partnership.? There is a wealth of material in this presentation that I hope will help you to better formulate your own systemic clouds.


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