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Advanced Section – PowerPoint Presentations – Winter Webinar 2014

A Simpler Way – From Dilemma To Transcendence


Once again there was a break for Thanks Giving in North America.? However I had this presentation completed before I would commit to the webinars.? There were a number of interesting “things” that I didn’t have space for last year – the dynamics of clouds really – and in the process of moving from dilemma to the transcendence of a systemic cloud I hope that I have shown this dynamic.? It answers many issues about clouds that have always niggled away at me.? It shows a 3-armed cloud that I use to build a transcendent solution and I work this through using the dieter’s dilemma from Robert Fritz and the batch sizing dilemma from Eli Goldratt.? The webinar is available at TOCICO by following this link;

Winter Webinars 2014 A Simpler Way – From Dilemma To Transcendence

The webinar powerpoint is also available at TOCICO.

The link below is to my original powerpoint.? It is in .ppsx format, that is it is a slideshow.? It should download and run in presentation mode for you.

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